National Voluntary Blood Donation Day


Every year 1st of October National Voluntary Blood Donation Day is celebrated in India to share the need and importance of the blood in the life of individual. The Indian Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology have started celebrating on 1st of October in the year 1975. They help people donate their blood for the other people to save their life. They will make understand people to get awareness about the Blood Donation for the fulfilling the requirements of everyone.

The government is used to give many of the ideas to encourage the people to give their Blood to the Blood Camps or Blood Banks for savings many of the life of the people. It is very easy for the people to grow up with lots of ideas to concentrate in a better way to prevent from many problems. It is very important to develop all the skills to create a lot of plans for their own betterment.

Many people who met with accidents are dying due to lack of blood most of the cases, but if we can donate and help them with blood to the needy people. Most of the treatments are done in which requires Blood to save their life’s. It is important to donate a lot of Blood to serve a lot of Blood after saving a variety of Blood with many of the type of the Blood.


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