Railway’s scrapped Flexi Fare completely in some trains

Indian Railways

Indian Railways Diwali gift to the passengers, as it scrapped flexi fare completely in some trains. In a move that will come as a relief to lakhs of passengers, Piyush Goyal-led Indian Railways has rationalised the flexi-fare scheme, hence reducing train ticket prices! In fact, the flexi fare scheme has been completely scrapped from 15 trains. Indian Railways has also removed the much-criticised flexi-fare from 32 trains during the lean period of February, March and August. Indian Railways had first introduced the flexi-fare scheme in September 2016, which had led to an increase in the revenue collections of the national transporter but had caused the overall passenger numbers to fall. The review of the flexi-fare scheme has been done based on the recommendation of the Review committee, Comptroller and Auditor General’s report, and representations from passengers.

These are some salient features of the revised flexi-fare scheme by Indian Railways:

a.Flexi-fare scheme has been removed from the following 15 trains where the average monthly occupancy was less than 50% throughout last year. The list is given below:

Train number 12006 Kalka-New Delhi Shatabdi

Train number 12012 Kalka-New Delhi Shatabdi

Train number 12037 New Delhi-Ludhiana Shatabdi

Train number 12038 Ludhiana-New Delhi Shatabdi

Train number 12043 Moga(Ludhiana)-New Delhi Shatabdi

Train number 12044 New Delhi-Moga(Ludhiana) Shatabdi

Train number 12047 New Delhi-Bhatinda Shatabdi

Train number 12048 Bhatinda-New Delhi Shatabdi

Train number 12085 Guwahati-Dibrugarh Shatabdi

Train number 12086 Dibrugarh-Guwahati Shatabdi

Train number 12087 Naharlagun-Guwahati Shatabdi

Train number 12088 Guwahati-Naharlagun Shatabdi

Train number 12277 Howrah-Puri Shatabdi

Train number 22205 Chennai-Madurai Duronto

Train number 22206 Madurai-Chennai Duronto

b.The flexi-fare has been discontinued in 32 trains for lean months of February, March and August for trains in which the average monthly occupancy was between 50-75% throughout the last year. The list of these 32 trains is given below:

Train number 12005 KALKA SHATABDI

Train number 12014 AMRITSAR SHATABDI

Train number 12016 AJMER SHATABDI

Train number 12018 DEHRADUN SHATABDI

Train number 12020 SHATABDI EXPRESS

Train number 12025 SHATABDI EXP

Train number 12026 PUNE SHATABDI

Train number 12030 SWARNA SHATABDI

Train number 12031 AMRITSAR SHATABDI

Train number 12032 AMRITSAR SHATABDI

Train number 12039 KGM NDLS SHT

Train number 12041 SHATABDI EXPRESS

Train number 12042 NJP HWH SHATABDI

Train number 12045 NDLS CDG SHATABDI

Train number 12046 CDG NDLS SHATABDI

Train number 12213 DURONTO EXPRESS

Train number 12214 YPR DURONTO EXP

Train number 12219 SC DURONTO EXP

Train number 12223 LTT ERS DURONTO

Train number 12224 ERS LTT DURONTO

Train number 12227 INDORE DURONTO

Train number 12228 MUMBAI DURONTO

Train number 12239 JAIPUR DURONTO

Train number 12240 JP MMCT DURONTO

Train number 12243 SHATABDI EXP

Train number 12244 SHATABDI EXP

Train number 12278 SHATABDI EXPRESS

Train number 12437 RAJDHANI EXP

Train number 12441 BSP NDLS RAJ EX

Train number 12442 BILASPUR RJDHNI

Train number 12453 RNC NDLS RAJ EXP

Train number 22414 NZM MAO RAJ

c.The maximum cap of flexi-fares has been reduced from 1.5 times to 1.4 times of the ticket fares. This means that the maximum ticket price that Indian Railways was earlier charging for premium train such as Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto Express has come down.

d.A graded discount will be offered upto 20% on last fare to be given (class wise) in case of class occupancy being less than 60%. To increase the occupancy of less patronised classes such as 2A, 3A and Chair Car a graded discount of 20% on last fare on all trains with flexi-fare and Humsafar Trains where occupancy of a particular class is less than 60% will be given. This will be for 4 days prior to the scheduled departure of the train. Also, a 10% discount will be offered as per the following criteria:

For up to 70% occupancy: 20% discount on last fare

70-80% occupancy: 10% discount on the last fare

Above 80% occupancy: Nil

e.These changes will be implemented from the Advance Reservation Period that is 4 months after making necessary changes in Passenger Reservation System. This will be done on an experimental basis for 6 months and will be further extended after assessing its outcome.

The flexi-fare scheme is applicable on 142 premium trains – 46 Shatabdi Express, 52 Duronto Express and 44 Rajdhani Express trains. Under the scheme for every 10% increase in occupancy of berths, there is a 10% increase in fare with a cap of 150%



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