SkoolSmart launched an app for safe pick-up of school kids from schools and bus-stops.


With a view to make school kids safer, a private firm has launched an app that aims to ensure safe pick-up of kids from schools and bus-stops.  The app, named ‘Smart Pickup,’ makes sure that only individuals authorised by the students’ parent or guardian be allowed to collect the child from their respective schools or bus stops.

The app has been developed by SkoolSmart, an end-to-end student tracking and child safety services company. According to CEO and co-founder of SkoolSmart Srinivasa Rao Saripalli, most schools register details of guardians who pick up the children from schools or bus-stops.

However, there are instances when the registered individual may not be available for pick-up. In such cases, the registered guardian opts for another person to pick the child, which the school may be unaware of. Smart Pickup allows the registered guardian to upload the photograph of the substitute pick-up, which is reflected in real time on the app, and can be viewed by the bus staff or school security staff. As the photograph is uploaded, the registered guardian receives a one-time-password (OTP), which needs to be shared with the substitute pick-up, who will in turn has to tally it with the bus staff.

Speaking during the launch of the app here on Wednesday, Saripalli said, “Smart Pickup is an integral step to ensure security of children in our educational institutions. The OTP facility and real-time upload of the profile picture leaves no scope for any process vulnerability. “Smart Pickup can be downloaded on both Google Play Store and iStore.


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