The south Indian temples have got histories to talk and facts to known and secrets to hide. Hindu temples got a huge culture, mystery, and vast knowledge. The architecture of the temples and amazing engineering wherein even science can’t give the reason for architectural marvels. Holy India has a rich source of hidden secrets and interesting facts. Now, come n know the Indian temples which have got a history and many facts.

Srirangam Temple


Srirangam temple is also the largest temple in India and it is spread over 156 acres, there are 21 towers and 39 pavilions in Srirangam Temple. Srirangam Temple has withstood natural disasters as well as the rampaging attacks of Islamic armies and European conquerors.

At a height of 236 feet, the main gopura of the temple known as Rajagopuram is the second tallest temple tower in the Asian continent. It was constructed in the Dravidian style of architecture and is one of the most illustrious Vaishnava temples in South India. The idol of the main deity is made of Stucco and not granite. Deity’s eye of diamond was stolen during Carnatic Wars by a French soldier. The Orlov diamond of 189.62 carats (37.924 g) is now preserved at Diamond Fund of the Moscow Kremlin.

Visit Srirangam Temple to witness this grandeur of a temple and get soaked in the spiritual aura.

Guruvayur Temple



Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple dedicated to the Hindu god Guruvayurappan ( Lord Vishnu). The temple is located in the town of Guruvayur in Kerala, India. It is often referred to a “Bhuloka Vaikunta” which translates to as “Holy Abode of Vishnu on the Earth”. Every morning the God is anointed in til oil. He is then sprinkled with a special cleansing powder made of herbs known as “vaka”. This powder is light brown in color and gives an added shine to the idol. Crowds go to the temple at 3 A.M in order to see this charming sight.

Punnathurkotta palace grounds now house elephants of Guruvayoor temple. There are around 56 elephants that belong to the temple. They live in the Punnathur kotta elephant yard which is the home to the largest population of male captive Asian elephants.

Chennakesava Temple


The marvelous Chennakesava Temple in Belur, Karnataka. It is amazing artistry of the Dravidians, mesmerizes with its sculptures and architecture. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has taken over 100 years to complete the temple. The entrances of the temple are beautiful ornate horizontal pieces of art which have a different one in each entrance. Narasimha pillar which will amaze u as u enters the temple. This pillar is covered with miniature figures all over. The entire temple is made using soapstone and not metal.

Mohini pillar is one of the amazing statues in the temple. Mohini is a female avatar of Lord Vishnu carved on it. I am sure you will enthrall with many other things in the temple.

Kailash Temple


Kailash temple is one of the marvelous craved out of rocks. The temple is built in the 8th century by the Rashtrakuta king Krishna I. the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva here both the mahanandi and the main idol stand 7 feet tall.

The temple was constructed in such a way that it is indestructible. It has taken 150 years with 7000 laborers to construct it. It is an incredible temple to visit and get the endless divine blessings of Bhagwan.

Tirumala Tirupati

Tirumala Tirupati is one the world famous temples have pyramid-shaped towers and are constructed of sandstone, soapstone, and granite. It is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu (Sri Venkateshwara swami as an avatar). It is the home ground of one of the world’s richest temple administrations, ttd (Tirumala Tirupati devasthanam). The Garuda (the eagle) Hill in Tirumala, the abode of Lord Venkateswara, features a natural rock formation that is in the form of Garuda.

It is believed that the hair worn by Lord Balaji is smooth, tangle-free and absolutely real. The story behind hair is a Gandharva Princess named Neela Devi has offered her chopped locks humbly to the deity and requested him to plant them on his head. The god has accepted the kind offering and promised that whoever visits his shrine and sacrifices his/her hair at his feet will be blessed. Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya (Andhra pada Kavita pitamaha) is said to have sung many songs in praise of this holy town.








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