This is quite surprising to me that I am writing my first blog ever and I am very much excited to write the blog. I don’t consider myself hugely knowledgeable or fashionable in any way. There is so much that I like reading fashion books & blogs, checking out fashion websites and creating outfits in my mind! One thing which I am sure about is that I am passionate about fashion and I would love to share all my fashion ideas and thoughts and I just thought blog is the best place to share with you all!

This summer get ready with the hottest trending look and while summer fashion may be a little far off on holidays and going tights-free in summer dresses, it’s the best time now to start thinking about it. Since many years I have been living in a very hot weather, so I am very much familiar with summer dressing, so here are some of my best tips for dressing for this season.

It’s important to own a few hassle-free dresses that are almost like an air conditioning options. Find cool white dresses ahead that will help you in humidity report a lot more bearable. To stay cool on the steamy days it’s better to choose materials like linen or cotton. Linen is a summer material it is thicker than cotton and is a good conductor of heat making it the most breathable fabric out there.

In this summer when you go out you prefer to wear in which the best suits you and make you comfortable in this summer depending on the weather conditions you stay at.  It’s also harder to create a trendy new look every day, since you can’t really play too much with jackets, pullovers, and scarves. So, try to wear textured fabrics and light colors which help you to stay cool in this hot summer.

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